The process IS the purpose!

It’s in the difficulties we’re forced to live through that the important lessons of life are learned.  Because of this simple truth, it may just be that there is no greater purpose for our presence here on this plane.  If we’re not trying to learn something, then why else are we here?

Hello.  I’m Tim C Star, and I’m your host.  I’ll be talking to people with some very advanced insights, novel perspectives and intriguing ideas.  Along the way, I’ll share my own views on those same topics…

Every life has its share of struggles and triumphs.  The triumphs, of course, are what we strive for, but ironically, the struggles are often what we remember most.  The reason for this may be that there are normally no big lessons in the wins.

On this podcast, I explore this and many other ideas, either alone or with guests.  In the process, I learn new things, have existing beliefs challenged or validated, and grow as an individual.  Hopefully, you’ll advance your own progress a little, just by listening in!

I’d love to hear from you!  What personal growth topics would YOU like to have covered?  What questions would you like to have answered?